Do you have major weight to lose? Do you have depression or anxiety? Do you like food? (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!)

Then welcome to Meg’s Healthy World!

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My name is Megan and I am on my weight loss journey. In February 2016, I got serious about losing weight. I was tired, sluggish, and just damn uncomfortable in my own skin. It was time to make a change! One of the biggest hurdles I’m currently facing in my weight loss is depression.

On this site, I talk candidly about my experiences. It’s hard enough to lose weight and get healthy without having that voice in your head doubt you at every turn. But it isn’t impossible! I’m living proof of that.


I also share my photography, which has been a huge part of my weight loss and depression. Getting out in nature and photographing its beauty nurtures my body, heals my soul, and moves me beyond words. My photographs capture what my mind can’t express.

Here at Meg’s Healthy World, I’m all about staying positive, inspiring others, and living a healthy life. Welcome to my world.



  1. ohiocook | 17th Feb 17

    Thank you for following my blog, look forward to catching up on yours!

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