July Update

Sometimes to be the best blogger, you have to take a step back. And that’s exactly what I did. The month of June was difficult because I felt frustrated. I wasn’t posting when I wanted to, but rather on a set schedule. The site and demands were bogging me down and it was interfering with my health. It negates the point of the site if I’m back to being unhealthy. So I took a step back and focused on the next adventure of my life. I’m not at a point where I share that just yet, but stay tuned for that announcement!

The month of July was spent focused on this project and back on my health. I started going to daily walks again. I cut back on the amount of sweets and sugar I’ve been consuming. I’ve been regulating my sleep schedule. And I’ve finally started tracking my food again. Just making these small changes in my life helped me lose 6.8 pounds in July. My average daily steps have increased too!

For August, my plan is simple- continue to track my food, water, and exercise; post once a week on here; go for daily walks (even if the weather is bad); and to not add too much to my plate at once!

That has always been an issue of mine- I want to do it all! I try to accomplish it all, end up overwhelmed, and have to drop everything to get better. Then repeat the process. I really don’t want to overwhelm myself, which means I need to reevaluate myself and my life more often.

If you want to join me on Fitbit, then friend me! My email address is megan@megshealthyworld.com! I do weekly challenges. Come see if you can beat me!



  1. Ryan Biddulph | 7th Aug 17

    Congrats on pulling back Megan. It feels SO hard sometimes to take a break from blogging but I learned a lesson a year ago; pulling back for a few months was just what I needed. Brilliant way for me to recharge my batteries. Of course, I was living in a remote Costa Rican jungle with no electricity so had no choice LOL.

    • Megan | 8th Aug 17

      Oh man, no electricity sounds great right now. One aspect of blogging I don’t like is social media. If I could successfully blog without it, I would.

  2. Mindy | 11th Aug 17

    That’s great! Small steps are really what makes for big results. I like that you have a goal and plan in place.

    • Megan | 11th Aug 17

      Thanks! It’s much better to start small and work up to it.

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