Official Relaunch of MHW + Goals For April 2017

Alright, everyone. The time is here. I’ve officially relaunched Meg’s Healthy World! Last week, I made the decision to move from shared hosting to self hosting, which included some major adjustments. In that time, I’ve tweaked the site to make it better. While it’s better, it still isn’t perfect so please bare with me. 😀

If you see anything wrong, then please let me know so I can add it to my list of things to fix.

To celebrate the relaunch of my site, I’m sharing my goals with you for the month of April. I know that April started a week ago, but I set these goals before the start of the month.

Physical Health

This is one area that I’ve been slacking on, I’ll admit. Between the migration of my site and the weather, physical health has taken the back seat for me, but that’s changing!

The Goal

My goal for the month of April is to restart TurboFire. If you remember from some of my previous posts, I started TurboFire in November 2016. I got two months in before the stress of the holidays caught up to me and sent me into a full blown depression. I’ve recovered mentally, but now is the time to start recovering physically as well.

Steps To Meet Goal

In order to meet my goal by the end of the month, I’ve broken down my progress by the week:

  • Week 1: Go on a brisk walk 3 times, do yoga 2 times
  • Week 2: Go on brisk walk 3 times, do yoga 3 times, do 1 cardio session
  • Week 3: Go on brisk walk 3 times, do 3 low-impact cardio sessions, do yoga 4 times
  • Week 4: Go on brisk walk 3-4 times, do 5 cardio sessions, do yoga 5 times


Because I’ve done TurboFire before, I know what to expect. The schedule is pretty grueling with workouts 6 days a week, but I know I can do it because I did it before. The steps I’m taking this month are pretty similar to the steps I took before launching into the full blown schedule the first time, so I know that this will work.

The biggest issue I will probably have is getting back into the swing of things again. But once I get the momentum again I have no doubts that I will have any issues.

Mental Health

Over the years of my depression, I’ve learned that the seasons impact it. Spring and summer are happy times for me, so keeping my depression and anxiety in check doesn’t have to be a big priority for me this month. I’m still going to keep an eye on it, but it isn’t the focus of my goals for the month.

My Goal

My mental healthy goal is to journal at least once a week. This gives the chance to write how my week has gone in a free for all setting. Writing for a site like this just isn’t the same as writing for yourself.


Now that I am learning what some of my triggers are, I can work around them or at least prepare myself in an attempt to lessen the blow. By journaling once a week, I am creating a collection of thoughts that I can analyze and better understand my depression, anxiety, and the triggers for both.

Blog Goals

Since I’ve gotten much more serious with my blog, I decided to set some goals for the next month. They are pretty modest, but a good start

The Goals

The following are the goals I’m setting for my blog:

  • Get 100 followers/likes on MHW, MHW FB Page, Pinterest, and Instagram (PS Please go subscribe/follow/like these pages to stay up to date on everything going on with me!)
  • Get 25 members in my Facebook group, called Health and Happiness. This is a great way to interact with me and like minded people.
  • Post three new posts per week.

Steps To Meet Goal

  • Post daily new posts to increase interaction for all social media sites
  • Create blog posts tailored to my members and their questions.
  • Mind mapped out topics for the month and scheduled them out accordingly.


For me, getting better interactions is much more important than the numbers. So having quality readers who interact is a greater achievement than the quantity.

Question Time!

Do you have any goals for this month, physical or mental? I want to know about them!

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