Mango Black Bean Salsa Recipe

How I plan my shopping trips is like this: First, I create a list of items we use on the regular. Second, I pick up items that are on sale at the store. Then when I get home, I research recipes with those sale items and use it for our meals.


It’s pretty crazy and complex, especially if you are trying to meal prep, but I gave up on that ages ago.

So when I saw mangoes on sale this week, I decided it was time for some mango black bean salsa.

This salsa only requires a few ingredients, which makes it perfect. You can also change out ingredients as you see fit and make it your own.

Mango Black Bean Salsa


  • 1 mango
  • 1 can of black beans
  • 1/2-1 onion, red or yellow
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 jalapeno
  • Lime juice


All that is missing is the lime juice.

Start by opening, draining, and rinsing the black beans. You can let them sit in the cullender while you cut the remaining ingredients.


Cut the mango, onion, pepper, and jalapeno into small pieces.


You can also throw them into the food processor if you wish. Once everything is cut, drizzle the mixture with the lime juice.


Stir it together then let it sit on the counter at room temperature to allow the flavors to blend together, then store in the fridge. Yields 3 cups.


  • The first time I created this recipe, I left the skin of the mango on because I hadn’t ever worked with mango before and didn’t know that people normally remove the skin. My bad. I don’t mind the skin, so I just leave it on. It’s more fiber anyways.
  • You can make this with other fruits too, like peaches, pears, or other stone fruits.
  • I don’t recommend omitting the jalapenos, even if you hate the spice it gives. That spice, even used minimally, adds a certain depth to the flavor of the salsa. Obviously, if you love spicy food, go crazy on the heat!
  • Increase or decrease the onion as you see fit.


This is for half a cup of salsa.

So what do you think? Are you going to try it?


  1. slimmingbsimcha | 21st Jan 17

    That looks good. My husband would love this as a lunch for work.

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