I’m Craving A Bagel w/ Cream Cheese- This Is What I Had Instead!

You know when you have one of those hankerings for a specific food and it won’t go away until you eat said food? Well, I woke up craving a bagel with cream cheese. Lightly toasted, still warm from the toaster, with melty, creamy cream cheese. Mmmmm.


But I really didn’t wanna waste a cheat meal on a fuckin’ bagel. Just not worth it to me.


So I came up with something else instead.

A whole wheat English muffin with…. wait for it…. goat cheese!


I know what you’re thinking. Goat cheese?! But here me out.


Goat cheese is creamy as hell and when you use  flavored goat cheese, like honey or blueberry, it hardly tastes like goat cheese at all.


So I’m combined this Blueberry and Vanilla goat cheese I found at Aldi’s and spread it on an English muffin.


The toaster didn’t quite warm the muffin up as hot as I’d like, so I threw the muffin with goat cheese in the oven for a couple of minutes and it was perfect!


Nutrition wise, it is certainly healthier than a bagel with cream cheese. Here are the stats:

bagel vs english muffin.jpg