A Letter To Myself When I Lose Motivation

Hi Me,

I take it that since you’re reading this letter, you’ve been slacking on working out and eating pasta again? Well guess what? It’s okay! It’s okay to pause this journey. What’s not okay is stopping altogether. So give yourself a day or two to chill, then get back to the grind! Look at your Fitness Motivation board on Pinterest. Look at dat booty in the mirror and touch it. Then remember how flat and droopy it used to be.

I know it is hard to get back into it, but know that it is worth it. Not just the weight lost or the compliments EVERYONE will pay you, but the health benefits too. You’ll live longer than your mom. You need to be around to tell your niece about her. And to keep your sister from eating her weight in Mac n Cheese.

If nothing else, then do it so you don’t die at home, alone, and have the cats eat your body because they are hungry. Five bucks say the fat cat will eat you within the day.

Do it to say that you did. Because you could. Because you can. You are a strong ass woman, Meg. You have already lived through your worst nightmare. Hell, it was worse than that. But you came out the other side better, stronger, and smarter.

Do it to surprise your family next year, when they won’t even recognize you. Do it for the roller coasters. Push for it. Do you remember the last time you were on a roller coaster? It was years ago.

So the next time you even THINK of putting off that workout or eating the candy, think of that high. Now imagine yourself standing in line wearing some booty shorts and a tank top. You’ll look so fucking hot that you’ll turn heads!

Remember that. Remember that feeling of running up the stairs after an hour-long workout, just because you could. Or maybe that was because of the espresso beans you ate, but you still did it.

You are stronger than you think. Now go picture yourself in some skin-tight leather pants, crush your workout, and eat a salad.

You got this. I know you do.

Love, Me.


  1. dobetterfitness | 18th Nov 16

    I like your mindset!

    I’d suggest adding: “always research and study proven information so you can have faith that what you’re staying motivated for will necessarily result in positive change.”

    Wanting to do and knowing how to do are two different things, and often people have no problem getting the motivation down, but freeing themselves from bullshit and learning what is important: that takes real effort and self awareness.

    Good luck, keep at it!

    • Meg's Healthy World | 18th Nov 16

      Oh, I agree! But the letter is to myself and I already know how to safely make positive changes in my life for the better. Never the less, I agree that people go gungho without fully researching a healthy method of weight loss.

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