TurboFire Review- Week 2

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So, I originally wasn’t going to post another review of Turbo Fire for a couple of weeks, but I have noticed some major changes this week and I wanted to share them!

First of all, I actually lost 2 full pounds in the first week, despite eating like shit. This week, I did have some binge days, but not as many as in Week 1. I lost .6 pounds this week. Not as great as I had hoped for, but small progress is still progress.

Measurement wise, I didn’t measure myself after the first week, so I only have what I’ve lost so far for the two weeks combined. And that is a total of four inches lost. I am measuring my arms (at the fullest part), chest (under my breasts), hip, neck, thigh (at the thickest part), and waist.

Another change this week was that I ended up redoing my schedule sheet, to include a progress section.

My old schedule.
My new schedule (this is a blank copy that I made for my sister).

New Workouts

Week 2 features a couple new workouts, including HIIT 20 and Sculpt 30.

HIIT 20 wasn’t too bad. HIIT 15 left me super sore the next day, which thankfully was a rest day.

Sculpt 30 involves resistance bands, but I don’t have any, so I just used a set of three-pound hand weights. I have heavier sizes, but decided to start small.

Sculpt 30 is the first weight training workout in the series that I’ve done so far. It was more challenging than I thought it would be. Because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I did use that as an excuse to take it easy on the HIIT 15 that preceded this workout.

Speaking of HIIT 15, the first time I did it (which was day TWO of the first week), I only managed to do a third of the workout. This week, I did two-thirds. (The workout is divided into three sections, repeated three times.) I felt like I could have done more, but considering I had another half hour to go, I wanted to pace myself.

Before starting the full 20 week schedule, I incorporated some of the Fire workouts into my schedule. This week, I had to do Fire 45 EZ. That is when I learned that that specific workout is totally different from Fire 45 is. And that they stop counting minutes during the breaks when they show you how to do the workout. And that trying to do the workout during the breakdown before it is sped up is a bad idea. I only managed to get half way through.

My approach when they use breaks to show you what is next is to pay attention, but don’t actually do the movements. Maybe in the future I can handle it, but not right now.

This week features three Stretch 10’s. As with last week, I can’t stand this specific workout and instead I’ve been spending ten minutes just stretching on my yoga mat. It’s the same thing, right?!

Staying Motivated

I actually wondered how I managed to go a full week working out every day, but once you get into the swing of it, it’s not bad. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself during the rest day this week that I didn’t have to work out. I did worry a bit that one day off would mess with my motivation, but I kept it in check by reviewing my Fitness Motivation board on Pinterest and previewing the next day’s workout. This kept me in the mindset that I’m still in this and that it wasn’t really a break.

One day a week for the first month (at least) there’s a workout set that involves a 20 minute core workout and a 40 minute yoga session. The first week, I half-assed maybe half of the core workout and none of the yoga. This week, I used hand weights during core and did most of it. I had a hard time doing the pike thing, where you lift your legs and hips up off the floor above you. Fuck that shit.

The Stretch 40 is different from the Stretch 10 in that 40 is an actual yoga session and 10 is just stretching. They are different in that Stretch 40 is meant as an actual workout. For example, you go through a sequence several times, but Chalene makes it challenging by speeding up the pace with each pass.

I’ve decided that I’ll be omitting Stretch 10 from my schedule and replace it with 10-15 of yoga on my mat instead. I prefer to take my time with yoga, really getting the feel of each pose and sinking into it. I might even sub out Stretch 40, but I’ll give it another two weeks before deciding.

Physical Changes

As I mentioned earlier, I did manage to lose .6 pounds, and 4 inches.

Besides that, I noticed my running shorts are getting a bit loose and that I had to keep pulling them up. I don’t know if it’s because I wear them a couple of times between washes and they are simply worn out, or if they truly are becoming loose.

My husband has noticed that my booty is getting rounder and firmer. It has become his fixation. I’m not gonna complain! I even find myself feeling my own booty and just touching it. That is the best form of motivation right there!

Half of my inches lost were in my waist and I can totally feel it. I’ve really focused on my abs and core during the first two weeks so I’m excited to see some progress there!

I’ve taken a before photo and an update photo after the second week and there really isn’t much difference. I’ll post them once you can physically see a change.


So far, I’m really digging this workout program. I’m seeing results faster than I had anticipated, and that is with half assing the workouts and eating okay-ish. So here is to the next week, which will hopefully be binge-free!


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