Review: Lose It! Weight Loss App

This review contains my own personal opinions and the links are not affliated. I used my own money to purchase the upgrades mentioned in this review.

Today I want to review the weight loss app I’ve been using since February. It’s called Lose It! It’s a free site with an app, with the option of a premium paid upgrade. I’ll be going through all of the features, free and paid, and the comparing the app to other weight loss apps that I’ve used before.

Prior to February 2016’s getting healthy attempt, I have tried many ways to lose the weight, including stupid pills, expensive and ineffective products, weight loss apps, and Weight Watchers (see my review here). There isn’t the best way to lose weight, because everyone is different. Please keep that in mind.

Lose It! does have an app and a web site, but I’ve had nothing but trouble with the website. After logging in, I don’t get any further than a screen that is perpetually loading. That said, the app runs much more smoothly. (Note: I was able to get into the site. It took three refreshes and sitting for a solid five minutes before it loaded, but it did. I updated my weight this morning and it still doesn’t reflect on the site this afternoon. So pick either the site or the app. :/)

As with any technology, it doesn’t go perfectly. Around the start of May, the app itself crashed for three days. It was so weird to not be able to log my food. Otherwise, I’ve had only small issues here and there. The support team has always had rapid response times.

Now onto the actual content of the app.

It is ultimately a tracking device for food and exercise. It has additional features, such as challenges, groups, and a social section to allow you to connect with other users.


The food tracking section allows you to search for new items, check your existing food bank, look at previous meals (you can select specific items from a previous meal to log), recipes, and look through brands of food.

I occasionally have issues searching for new foods. Sometimes the app doesn’t connect to the internet, or it just straight up glitches out. Luckily, I have entered in 98% of the food I eat and can add it if the app doesn’t connect to the web. Not only that, it’s much faster of a process. You also have the option of manually entering in food items, which will be saved in your personal database. This is fantastic for local brands you may buy often.

It took me about two full months of daily tracking to get a good food base gathered, making tracking my food pretty easy.

In addition to food tracking, you can also track your exercises. The list of exercises available are consistently growing. I cannot attest to its accuracy (three hours of lawn mowing yesterday was 1,435 calories burned- what?!), so I simply log them to keep track of what I’m doing and have done in the past.

As with the food tracking, you have the option to add in your own exercises and the calories they burn.

Weight Tracking

Since this is a weight loss app, it’s a no brainer that it contains a weight tracking section. When you first create your account, you can choose how much weight you wish to lose each week (from half a pound to two pounds a week, in half pound increments), and it will include how much time it might take to get to your goal weight. As of two months ago, they added a feature that allows you to close out your day of all food and exercise logging. When you do that it tells you, based on how you did that day, if you were to have everyday like that, how long it would take for you to reach your goal. Obviously the date is further away on bad days and closer on good ones.

Tabs in the App

Within the app, you have five different tabs: My Day, Log, Goals, Social, and Me.

My Day


This is the home page for the app. It tells you your calorie budget, your nutrient breakdown, and articles relating from food to exercise to articles written from people that have lost weight. From what I understand, they did make them so free users can only read a portion of the article. Not cool, yo. When I used the free section, they always managed to throw in articles pertaining to the paid upgrade version of the app (IE- advertising). They obviously go away if you upgrade.



Just as explained above, the log section breaks down your food and exercise by groups- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and exercise.



This section is so very minimal in the free version. You can only track  your weight. If you do decide to upgrade, then you get to track a buttload more items: BMI, hydration, exercise minutes, steps, carbs, fats, protein, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, sodium, sleep hours, bicep size, chest size, hip size, neck size, thigh size, waist size, body fat, exercise calories, blood glucose, and blood pressure. See what I mean about being minimal in comparison. Each item allow you to input your starting number, current number, and goal number. You can click on each item to provide a bar graph of varying time frames, your current amount, average amount, and goal. They use a simple red and green color system to indicate if your under or above, depending on the item. You have the option to include or exclude any items you wish to. I don’t track the last four in the list above.



The social section of the app is set up like a social media site. You have activities (like your wall), messages, friends, teams & groups, and challenges. Because I don’t have the need to create a friend circle on every site I’m on, I only use the challenges section. They have all different kinds of challenges available for you to join. Unfortunately, you have to be a paid member to create them. I feel that the challenge section is a bit rudimentary and a rough draft. They list featured challenges that remain pretty constant for the time being, but the recommended challenges change every time you close the window.


The last tab is Me. It has Badges (which you earn by using the app), Insights, Foods, Exercises, and Account.

(I deleted the images I had because of the personal information they contained. Sorry, folks!)

For some ass-backwards reason, if you create a recipe but want to update it later, you have to go to your Foods under the Me tab. You can’t edit it under the log section. It was quite frustrating the first time I had to do that and it took me a while to figure out.

One of the features that sold me on upgrading my app was the Patterns section. The app looks at the data you’ve input and gives you the positive and negative habits and how they are affecting you. For example, one of my top patterns is about eating peanut butter. When I eat it, my calories for the day are much lower than the days I didn’t eat it.

You can even go further by clicking on the individual day and see what all you ate.

I really enjoy this feature because it tells me what I’m doing that’s working and what isn’t. This gives me the direction to fine tune not only my nutrition, but my physical habits as well.

Sadly, this option is only available after the upgrade.


As I said earlier, I’ve used other weight loss apps, including Weight Watchers and Noom. Lose It! is similar to Weight Watchers, but doesn’t have the same higher tech feel to it. And since it isn’t as popular, it may have more glitches than WW.

I prefer it way more than Noom. Noom uses a color system by assigning foods green for totally healthy, go crazy. Yellow for okay-ish foods, limit yourself. And red foods for this is so bad for you, go back now. In theory this might be helpful, but each person’s decision of what foods are good, okay, and bad for you depends on the person. For example, I’m getting away from a lot of the ‘healthy’ foods out there, and focus on clean eating.

When I was doing Weight Watchers, the use of the app and site cost around $30 a month. It cost me $39.99 for a year on Lose It!. Before I upgraded, I found the price to fluctuate, so if you are thinking of upgrading, wait for a special or a deal to happen before doing so and save yourself some cash.

For an app that is pretty similar to Lose It!, I don’t think Weight Watchers is worth it. For one month on WW, I can buy close to a year on Lose It!.


I’ve been using this app for nine months now, with several breaks thrown in where I went off the wagon. Because I have purchased the upgrade, I used that as motivation to get back to using the app. And as a result of that, I rebound faster than with free apps.

As of November 10th, I’ve lost 26.4 pounds. That wasn’t the highest amount I’ve lost, that would be 35 pounds, before the summer started and depression kicked back in. But with the help of the app, I’m back on track.


Would I recommend this app to others? Yes, and in fact I have suggested it to some close friends. I enjoy using this app to track my weight loss progress. With some of its paid features, it even allows me to fine tune my health by focusing on what works and fazing out what doesn’t.


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    Anyway, thanks for posting an awesoeme collection.It really helps for me to choose the best one.

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