My Top 10 Healthy Food Swaps

When you first start to eat healthy, trying to do a complete overhaul of your current diet usually just results in failure. Instead of doing that, try making some simple swaps in your current dishes to make them just a little bit healthier. By making small steps, they will all lead to the healthy destination.

10. Swap sour cream for plain Greek yogurt.

I found this out on a whim. I was making tacos one night and ran out of sour cream. I had plain Greek yogurt on hand and the rest is history! If you were to taste each one side by side, you will notice a difference, but when it’s mixed or topped, then you will just taste the creamy topping you expect.

9. Swap white pasta/bread/tortillas for whole wheat pasta/bread/tortillas.

If you eat these items, then switching to whole wheat is a breeze. Not only are most of these items the same price, you will actually eat less! They contain more fiber which fills you up faster. It’s win/win!

8. Swap soda for juice and club soda.

Back when I was drinking pop (I’m from Michigan, and we call it pop) cutting that out of my life was difficult. I missed the sweetness and carbonation that it provided. Going cold turkey wasn’t doing it for me, so I made the switch to juice and club soda. They each provided the parts I wanted until I was able to stop drinking it all together. Eventually I cut back on each part and used water to help offset them.

7. Swap ground beef for ground turkey.

Not only is ground turkey cheaper than beef, it contains less fat. I NEVER have to drain my turkey when it’s done cooking. You and your family won’t even notice a difference!

6. Swap butter for healthy oils.

In many recipes from cooking dinner to baking dessert, you will come across butter. And in small doses butter isn’t bad (so long as it’s butter and not margarine). And in large doses, healthy oils (such as coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil) can be unhealthy as well. But if I have to choose between margarine and some EVOO, I’m reaching for the EVOO.

5. Swap whole milk for skim milk.

Now, this might need some time to adjust, but if you’re a whole milk kinda person, then gradually ween yourself down from whole all the way down to skim. I suggest buying two half gallons, one of whole and one of 2% and mixing them together. Then move on down.

If you’re willing to try one of the non-dairy milks, then I suggest trying cashew milk. It’s super rich and creamy. Almond milk and soy milk are also great too!

4. Swap pasta with spaghetti squash.

Did you know that there’s a vegetable that looks and tastes like spaghetti?! You do now! Spaghetti squash is easy to prepare and just requires a bit of prep. I find it to be sweeter than actual pasta, so I try to avoid alfredo sauces. But pair a spaghetti squash with a nice tomato sauce and it’s yummy!

3. Swap alfredo sauce with cauliflower sauce.

Not only is this recipe amazing, it’s also easy! You just need cauliflower, milk, parmesan cheese, and any seasonings you’d like. Full recipe here.

2. Swap ice cream with frozen bananas.

This one is one of my favorites! All you have to do slice up a banana, freeze it, then throw it in the food processor. You can add whatever toppings you’d like, including chocolate, peanut butter, strawberries, raspberries, and more!

1. Swap mayo for hummus

This has to be my favorite swap ever. If you are a big mayo fan, then you probably already know that mayo isn’t the best thing for you. It’s full of fat and calories. Instead of using mayo on that turkey sandwich, try using hummus instead!