Sorry For The Delay- Updates

Hey guys!

It has been two weeks since I last posted anything and for that, I apologize. But the last two weeks have been hell.

It started with a sunburn…

It started right after we came back from vacation at the end of July. We came back on Sunday afternoon and it was then that I realized I had an awful sunburn, primarily on my thighs and shoulders. (It was my fault for losing track of time out on the water). Then on Monday, laundry was done during the morning and into the afternoon. But when I went to do the dishes, the water ran out!

…and now we have no water…

We live out in the country, so we have a well and a well pump to deal with. The earliest a plumber/well guy could come out was Wednesday and they ended up installing a new well pump and pressure tank on Thursday.

All was well. Until it wasn’t.

I hopped in to take a shower (I hadn’t showered since Sunday night) and right when I went to rinse everything the water ran out again!

To make a REALLY long story short, a new well needs to be put in and we sort of have water until that is done. We have to keep an eye on the well pump and have been given a fix to ensure we have water until the new well goes in.

…and now we don’t have hot water.

The last bit of bad luck struck over the weekend, when our hot water heater started to leak. We really shouldn’t be surprised anymore that when shit falls apart, it REALLY falls apart.

What happened to my challenge?

As for my challenge for the first three weeks of August, that was put on the back burner. I would love to say that I have the strength and will power to do a food challenge and deal with real life crisis after crisis, but I can’t. I admit that.

So the last two weeks have been filled with Ramen, ice cream, and increased portions all around. Couple that with pretty much all physical activity stopping (I am not going to work up a sweat just not be able to wash it off, yo), and my weight has unsurprisingly increased. I own this. This is my mistake for eating like crap lately and it is my fault.

Falling off the wagon more times than I can count is just part of my weight loss journey. The first couple months were surprisingly easy. After the newness of recipes, workout clothes, and work out tapes wore off, it is taking more effort each day to wake up with that same new resolve that I had at the beginning.

Weight loss isn’t easy. If it were, no one would have extra weight to lose.

But onto more positive thoughts!

What about the challenge? I will be restarting the challenge as of today. New pictures will be taken and posted. With some of the crisis being handled, my stress is returning to its normal state and I WILL have the will power to do this!

Because I don’t have a choice. If I don’t fix the behavior it will lead to an early death. There is so much in this world that I have yet to experience, and I want to be in good health when I do. 🙂

Question Time 🙂

How do you handle stress during a crisis? Does it affect your weight loss goals? I want to know!