My Nightly Ritual: Prepare For Tomorrow Tonight

Today, I’ll be talking about my bedtime ritual.

I use the hour-ish before bed to wind down from my day and prepare for tomorrow. Around 10 pm, I say goodbye to the electronics. I turn off the TV, put my cell phone on silent, and plug my tablet in to charge.

Next, my husband goes to bed and I head to the kitchen. I start by putting a pot of water on the stove to heat up and prepare my tea for the next day. It doesn’t take but a couple minutes to heat up, but I use those couple of minutes to do some stretches.


By the time I’m done, the water is hot and I pour it into the pitcher and leave it on the counter.

Bullet Journal

I then head into the living room and work on my bullet journal.

I write down three things I’m grateful for, review my to-do lists (reschedule anything that didn’t get done that day and make it a priority to do it first), and finally write down anything significant that happened during the day. Since I dedicate less than half a page for my thoughts, I am careful of what I write down. In a month what do I want to read from that day?


I also review my goals page for the month. What did I do today to help me meet my goals? What can I do tomorrow? This ensures that nothing gets pushed to the back burner until the end of the month or tacked onto the following month.


I then look at my cleaning schedule and see what needs to be done the next day. Since some days have more challenging cleaning tasks than others, I make sure to plan my day around all of my necessary tasks.

Finally, I review my trackers. I have two- a habit tracker and a fitness/health tracker. I look at and update them throughout the day as I accomplish my tasks, but I take the time to review them as a whole. Oh, I haven’t done yoga in three days? Why? Can I wake up ten minutes early tomorrow and squeeze it in?

By doing this, I am ensuring that nothing is missed. I’m meeting my deadlines, my goals, and taking note of where I’m falling short to correct it for the future.

It’s a very business way of running my life, but it’s what I need. It’s how I can get myself to reach my goals.


After I’m done with my journal and I feel content that I got out the thoughts from inside my head, I go to the bathroom to brush my hair and braid it for sleeping, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I use this time to reflect.


Even if I’m dead tired and struggling to keep my eyes open, I make sure to read ten pages. As a teenager, I fell in love with books and escaping life to live in thousands of other worlds. As I became an adult, the time to read became slim and I went a couple years without reading for enjoyment. So I make sure to do some sort of reading and include it in my habit tracker.

The last thing I do before heading to bed is put my pitcher of tea in the fridge.

Then I go to bed feeling like my day is complete and tomorrow’s planned.

Do you do anything special before going to bed?