Staying Motivated- How I Find Motivation After A Bad Weekend

I woke up with a new resolve to be healthy. But I wasn’t very healthy this weekend. Using menstruation as an excuse along with seeing my two best friends in the world, I indulged much more than normal.

I usually allow myself one cheat meal a week, either when we go out to a restaurant, or I eat a favorite unhealthy meal at home. But this weekend, I ate chocolate. A lot of it. Hell, Sunday morning we woke up to have coffee and cheesecake brownies for breakfast. We were not healthy eaters this weekend.

But I woke up this morning, dedicated to my health once more. It isn’t an easy decision. I could slip back into my old habits of eating whatever was cheapest, fastest to make. But making smart choices isn’t about the cheapest or the fastest option available. It’s about doing what’s best for your health. It’s about going to the kitchen and spending 45 minutes making a meal that you will eat in 20.

But how do I do that after eating horribly this weekend?

By Staying Motivated

Motivation isn’t everlasting. As the meme above states, you need to find your motivation daily.

So, start by writing down the reasons why you are making the changes necessary to your health. It could be for your spouse, your children, family, to live longer, to have more confidence, to get out of bed easier each morning, whatever your reason– WRITE IT DOWN.

Next, find ways to motivate yourself daily. Do you have a goal outfit? If not, buy one. It can be new or used. Then hang it up where you will see it every day. One of my best friends keeps her goal dress next to her full body mirror in her bedroom. I keep a pair of goal panties right in the front in the drawer, so I look at them daily.

Another option is to look at motivational quotes and pictures daily. I do this as I’m going to bed at night. It’s the last thing I do before I unplug from all electronics for the evening, about an hour before bed. I then think about them as I prepare for the next day.

Finding motivation is easy. Staying motivated is the real challenge.