Blue Sky Tag

Thanks to Me, Myself, And My Passion for tagging me in this challenge! I had fun answering questions and letting you guys get to know me a little better! 🙂

April Results + May Goals: How Did I Do & How Can I Improve?!

A month ago, I wrote a post about my goals for the month of April. Today I bring you the results and my new goals for May. Come check out how I did and what I’ll do to push myself further!

Mid-April Goal Update + How My Weight Loss Is Going

At the beginning of the month, I wrote an article about my goals for the month of April. Since this is the middle of the month, I decided to update everyone on my goals and see if I’m on track. Physical Goals Update At the start of May…

How Can You Avoid Fast Food? Here’s My 11 Ways How!

Fast food has been a topic of discussion in my Facebook group Health and Happiness. One question one of the members had was how do you stay away from fast food when you’re trying to be mindful of your eating? So today we’re tackling that exact topic!